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Lateral Engineering has a powerful toolbox of skills, techniques and knowledge that can be applied to your situation.


  >  Production capability and performance analysis

  >  Fundamental engineering analysis and structured problem solving

  >  Machinery related investigations and analysis

  >  Machine and product conceptual to detail design (3D CAD SolidWorks)

  >  Industrial control systems using both PLC's and PC's 

  >  Finite Element Modelling (Strand7) and Computer Simulation

  >  Problem solving within complex electro-mechanical systems

  >  Optimisation of processes and designs by empirical and theoretical methods

  >  Field measurements including vibration, strain, temperature & speed

  >  Product innovation, development and validation testing

Thinking Tools

  >  Structured problem solving methods

  >  Theory of Constraints

  >  Lean Production concepts

  >  Six Sigma concepts

  >  De Bono 6 Thinking Hats for structured ideas generation

  >  Design of Experiments for plant optimisation


  >  Machine builders

  >  Machining & fabrication shops

  >  Component suppliers

  >  Industrial Psychologist

  >  Industrial Designers

  >  Industrial Electricians