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Lateral Engineering provides a Manufacturing Consulting service. 

The activities and way these are delivered are tailored to suit your particular situation. For example for one client we started with a very specific overall business goal of producing record quantities of product over the next four weeks to meet a new customer order.  This was followed some time later with a project to create a customised control system for a new item of plant producing a new type of product.

Our work requires an in-depth understanding of the overall process, the operation of the plant and the behaviour of the shipped product.



  >  Production improvement (capacity,waste,lead time,stock,OE)

  >  Engineered solution

  >  Procedures for set-up, scheduling, planning, WIP, inventory

  >  Systems for performance reporting and visibility

  >  Conceptual and detailed designs

  >  PLC or PC based control systems or code


  >  Measuring plant and product performance

  >  Engineering analysis

  >  Mapping processes, materials and work flow

  >  Design of Experiment testing

  >  Reviewing historical records and analysing data

  >  Optimisation of machinery set-ups and changeovers

  >  Mechanical & Electrical design and drawing